As stated before, the main goal when building a game is to keep players busy with one activity or task flowing into the next. Engagement is key, and we are building a world that tries to always keep your attention. Of course, the P2E minigames are fun and engaging but ensuring the open world is full of activities and quests that players naturally stumble upon.
6.1 Open World Activities
Open world biome specific activities / quests populate the land. This engages players in-game whilst they go about building, creating, earning and working. Open world activities can be accessed by anyone at any time in any server. There is no lobby and players can jump into these activities at will. Some of the open world activities were touched on in clause 5. and more will be released in the near future.
6.2 Lobbied Mini Games
Lobbied mini games work slightly differently and are built specifically for the P2E heavy side of the game. These mini games can include team games eg. 4v4, 8v8 or even 16v16. Initially the minigames can be found in the BLOO park mostly, but these will be added all over the BLOO, giving players the chance to P2E at every turn.
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