The time has come. The world knows what is coming.
One of the fundamentals of the coming future is the blockchain; tokens, governance, DAO’s, web3 & NFT’s. At this point, it is obvious that the blockchain will become the future of finance, supply chains, digital ID & property, data sharing, IoT systems and even medical record keeping. In fact, there is almost no industry that blockchain technology cannot improve the slow and sometimes archaic processes that currently exist. It is hard to argue that blockchain is already far along the way to becoming the building blocks of how the New World will work.
But even as far as blockchain has come, there are still aspects that can be improved upon, and areas the blockchain can expand into.
One aspect that we feel is largely under-developed is how we, in the real world, interact with each other via blockchain. Yes, there is no denying that Crypto has formed thousands of international communities that communicate with each other daily. However, this is almost always through means of centralised applications with very one-dimensional use case.
Take Twitter, Telegram and Discord. These applications are currently standard practice means of communication for the whole crypto community. Centralised applications whose goals and objectives are not always aligned with our own, as people of the blockchain. Would it not make more sense that the means of communication for the crypto-wide community was also run on blockchain?
Interestingly, in recent months we are beginning to see a push towards the metaverse, and what role that might have in our future. In terms of emerging technologies of the 21st century, the two industries could not be more complementary in our strides towards the future we all want to see. In fact, in terms of communication via the blockchain, these two technologies could well intertwine.
We as developers on the blockchain can see this gap, and we are determined to fill it. With all of that said, and an idea in mind, we have created BLOO. The idea behind BLOO is far greater reaching than just a token and a name. Utilising blockchain technology, we aim to build the next generation of platform that connects investors with developers and influencers with projects, but more generally people with people, using a metaverse user interface.
A single, safe space that people from all over the industry can congregate, invest, share ideas, and build together. Such a place, where information can be so easily collected, distributed, and consumed, can help us all to avoid serial scammers that are destroying, not only the MATIC, but the wider crypto community.
We have launched a journey, not just a token.
1.1 The BLOO
The BLOO represents a living virtual world, or in other words, a Metaverse. The Metaverse is a new type of game concept where users can interact with each other in a virtual space, for endless purposes. In a virtual world you can make the impossible, possible. For BLOO users, this means they can earn, play, hunt, invest and hang out whilst becoming a tycoon of business through virtual real estate, resources and work. Users can also create, explore and build to the limits of their imagination all the while playing out a possible online career within the BLOO.
1.2 The Concept
Above all else a Metaverse game needs to be engaging, which is true of any game. The BLOO is built with this sentiment at its core. Players must never find themselves thinking “What do I do now?” – one activity must flow seamlessly into the next. A true metaverse space must offer players a life away from life and provide a lot of parallel experiences. With this in mind, the BLOO offers a multitude of activities and situations that will keep players engaged and having fun.
Everything about the BLOO was designed and built with the blockchain in mind. All items, land, buildings, and skins are built and available on the blockchain. The majority of assets in the BLOO will be tokenised; from resources, to skins & clothes, to land, to owned accommodation and commercial property. A single global marketplace will handle all transactions where users can use cryptocurrencies such as MATIC or the native BLOO token to easily and quickly make transactions safely and securely.
With a smooth friendly UI for user building, the world will essentially expand itself. The opportunity for users to create and build their own spaces, games and experiences is crucial for a metaverse game. A vibrant busy world, where the story and interactions are built by the users who play.
Last modified 10mo ago